Skilled Home Care

Skilled home care, also known as home healthcare or home health services, refers to a range of medical and non-medical services provided to individuals in the comfort of their own homes. These services are typically delivered by trained healthcare professionals, such as nurses, therapists, and home health aides. Skilled home care is designed to help patients recover from illness, injury, or surgery, manage chronic medical conditions, or receive specialized medical treatments without the need for prolonged hospitalization or institutional care.

Skilled home care is often recommended by healthcare providers when individuals can benefit from personalized medical attention and support but prefer to receive care in the familiar and comfortable environment of their own homes. It can be a cost-effective and patient-centered alternative to inpatient hospital care or long-term care facilities for many individuals, especially those recovering from acute illnesses, surgeries, or managing chronic conditions.


Examples of Skilled Home Health Services Include:

  • Skilled Nursing Care
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Medication Management
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Pain Management
  • Wound Care
  • Infusion Therapy
In general, the goal of home health care is to treat an illness or injury. Home health care may help you:
  • Recover
  • Regain your independence
  • Become more self-sufficient
  • Maintain your current condition or level of function
  • Slow decline

What Should I Expect from my Home Health Care?

  • Doctor or other health care provider’s orders are needed to start care. Once your doctor or other health care provider refers you for home health services, we will schedule an appointment to talk to you about your needs and ask you some questions about your health.
  • We will also talk to your doctor or other health care provider about your care and keep your them updated on your progress.
  • It’s important that we see you as often as the doctor or other health care provider ordered.

Examples of what Our Home Health Staff do:

  • Check what you’re eating and drinking.
  • Check that you’re taking your prescription and other drugs and any treatments correctly.
  • Ask if you’re having pain.
  • Check your safety in the home.
  • Teach you about your care so you can take care of yourself.
  • Coordinate your care. This means they must communicate regularly with you, your doctor or other health care provider, and anyone else who gives you care.



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