Our Corewell Hospital Liaisons

Our case case managers are the liaisons between your Corewell Medical Team and your Home Health Care Team. They are there to answer any question you may have including:

Who will help me once I go home?

An external case manager, much like the one you had at the hospital, will help guide you through your transition home. They are community case managers that specialize in auto cases, and are well versed in therapies, physician appointments, and all rehabilitations available within our state of Michigan.

Who will pay for this service?

Your auto policy should cover this service if you physician deems this necessary for your transition home and back into the community. A doctor’s prescription is required for this service.

I have broken a bone and cannot drive, who will help me get to my appointments?

This is where a case manager is useful to assist in transportation to and from therapies and appointments. This service is also covered by your auto policy if deemed appropriate by a physician and requires a prescription as


Hospital Liaison/Injury Specialist


Hospital Liaison/Injury Specialist


Hospital Liaison/Injury Specialist

Available 24/7

Phone: (248) 422-6600
Fax: (248) 619-7038

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